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Little Gifts

The endless LJ baby shower!

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Welcome to littlegifts!

The basic idea of this community is to create a "Secret Santa"-esque gift swap. Moms-to-be and moms are welcome! Every month we will create a new game, in which everyone who wishes to give and recieve a gift will join in. The mods will then "assign" everyone a mom to buy a gift for. You do your shopping, ship off the gift, and wait to recieve yours! Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Feel free to post in this community as you do in others (assuming it's pregnancy/child-related). The more we know about you, the more likely you are to get something that suites your needs/lifestyles. As a common courtesy, please place any and all pictures behind a lj-cut.

Please fill out this form when you join (I suggest making it Friends-Only, because we'll need your mailing address in order for you to recieve your gift! All the addresses will be archived into a single Friends-Only entry for future reference).

Your name:
EDD/Child(ren)'s Birthday:
Child's Gender (if known):
Child(ren)'s Name:
Anything you do NOT want to receive? (battery-operated toys, Barbies, specific types of clothing):
Registries or WishList URLs (if any):
Your mailing address:

Member info can be found here.


001. The maintainers of this community are not responsible for conflicts or problems between members, nor are we responsible for a gift that never showed up and/or got lost in the mail. If we all play nicely, this should be a lot of fun!

002. No gifts are to total more than $30 Canadian (That's about $26 USD, or £14). However, you do not need to spend this much! Spend what you feel comfortable spending. This is not meant to be a financial burden! Please factor in the cost of shipping when calculating the total cost.

003. Gifts to not need to be brand-new or store-bought. You are free to make, create or send a gently used item of your own.

004. You may "Re-Gift" - send an item you previously recieved that you do not want. There are no hard feelings!

005. No drama. Take it to prego_drama or booju_mooju. If you cannot behave like the mature adult that you are, you may be removed and banned from the community.

006. We want to hear about your pregnancy, birth stories and children! If you're going to post pictures, however, please place them behind a lj-cut.

007. No spamming/advertising anything. This is not the community for that.